The New Wargames Holiday Centre.

First let me welcome you, if you’re reading this you will no doubt have an interest in pushing small soldiers around a table using a measuring tape and rolling dice…..even shouting “Hurrah!!!” occasionally…If this is the case, then boy have I got a treat for you!

Austrian Cuirassiers

Austrian Cuirassier Moving forward in Squadrons

My first venture into the original Centre literally took my breath away! Here was the biggest gaming area that I had ever seen covered in great looking terrain boards, all specifically designed for the battles being re-enacted….this was the largest amount of beautifully painted figures I had ever dreamed of let alone seen, all in one place. I spent the next two hours touring the shelves and drooling over the figures.

There is now the opportunity to re-fight all the major battles from these periods as well as all those from our primary period the Napoleonic Wars from 1800 onwards.

Additionally our ranges include, WWII, American Civil War and War of the Spanish Succession, again all the major engagements of these periods are covered.

Panzer Grenadiers holding the Forecourt

German Panzer Grenadiers set up position

Re-location of the Wargames Holiday Centre seemed an obvious move, we wanted to make the experience far more accessible, with this in mind we looked at the networks for rail, road, sea and air and plumbed for a location suiting these. Our location is within 10 minutes of junction 6 of the M3 motorway, 10 minutes from junction 13 of the M4 and is accessible through rail networks out of London from both Waterloo and Paddington. Accomodation is local to the centre and is very reasonably priced.

Our aim is to make your gaming experience with us one of your best and look forward to greeting you here soon. So pick up your sword and steel yourself for the game of your life!

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