Last week saw the WHC host the first of our linked battles for the 1813 Campaign. Dresden was going to be the first battle, with Leipzig following. Given the enormity of both these battles it would be great to have plenty of time to play them properly.

Here is a selection of the photos I took through the first couple of days.

The fighting for the Gross Garten swung to and fro with the Austrians managing to capture the main parts of the walled gardens eventually. The massed columns of the Austrian Corps smashed their way into the central suburbs of Dresden, while the Prussians from Kleists Korps smashed the Corps of Victor in what turned out to be a bloody stale mate.

The road to France was kept open by the French Guard, this part of the battlefield saw all the Imperial Cavalry of both armies virtually wiped out after several bloody engagements. The French Infantry of the Guard finally breaking the Russian Corps sent to block any route to France.