The Battle of Wachau 18th-21st Oct.

Over the last few weeks I have hosted two games of the same battle, on the Anniversary of the Battle of Leipzig. These were of the Southern part of the Battle, Wachau and Markleeberg featuring heavily.

As a result I thought I would present some of the photos over the next couple of days.

These are from the Elite Miniatures range.

These chaps are from Alex Pritchards collection, they are Elite Miniatures all very nice indeed.

These are a mix of Connoisseur and Front Rank. Again fom Alex Pritchards collection.

These are also from Elite Miniatures and again from Alex’s collection.

Front Rank Miniatures Duchy of Warsaw Hussars, from the collection of Alex Pritchard.

From the collection of Alex Pritchard

Yet more from the collection of Alex Pritchard

These are all from the Bicorne Miniatures range

These are all from the Bicorne Miniatures range

More on the other Wachau game later!

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8 Responses to The Battle of Wachau 18th-21st Oct.

  1. Carlo says:

    Absaolutely top shelf Mark – Alex has a wondefful collection that compliments the centres gear tremendously well.

    Looks like it was a great battle and heaps of fun.


    • Mark Freeth says:

      Indeed, Alex’s collection is top notch. I get a few guys that look to bring their own figures, just to get them a run out on a huge table.
      It is always good when they are beautifully painted too.
      Kind regards,

  2. Steve says:

    Hi Mark,
    What great paint work, Alex has done. The pictures are fantastic as always and it is good to see that some one has got the Vistula Lancers lance pennant correct, white over crimson.

    I can feel the urge to buy some Poles.

    Many Thanks


    • Mark Freeth says:


      Agreed, they are fine specimens. There is a huge range of Poles available too, take a look at Murawski Miniatures too, they are very nice.

      Thanks for commenting,


  3. Alex pritchard says:

    In all honesty Bob Kiffe painted the Vistula lancers and hussar troopers. I did do the Vistula foot and artillery and most of the polish foot. Thanks Mark for letting me give them a run out. A few battalions took a battering holding onto that position.

  4. Duncan says:

    Hi Mark,
    Looked a good battle to play in, and great figure painting I might add, see you in December.
    Regards Duncan.

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