The Age of Marlborough.

The War of the Spanish Succession

Starting in 1700 this war came about due to the the expansionism of Louis XIV of France and a desire of Austria to retain their Spanish inheritance, (the last King of Spain, Charles II being of the House of Habsburg) and other European powers seeking to contain Frances expansion.

So the alliances stood much like this on the side of Austria you have Great Britain, Prussia, Spain loyal to the Austrian Empire, the Duchy of Savoy, the Kingdom of Portugal and the Dutch Republic.

Duke of Marlborough

Sir John Churchill Duke of Marlborough

On the other side we had the Kingdom of Spain under Philip V, Grandson of the now dead Charles II of Spain and younger son of the Dauphin of France, The Electorate of Bavaria, looking to get as much territory out of the conflict and of course France.

Reverse Angle of Marlborough

Sir John Churchill Duke of Marlborough, reverse angle.

At the Wargames Holiday Centre we have all the protagonists. In the next few months I will be posting more on our collection, Cavalry, Artillery, Infantry and more command stands.

Initially I have these beauties.

British Commander

British Commander

I have to be honest, that I do not know the manufacturer of these figures. I have to say that I do like them though. Any ideas people?

Reverse Angle of British Command

British Commander, reverse angle

Marlburian Command stand on foot

Command stand on foot, the Dutch General Overkirk

Close up Gen. Overkirk

Close up of the Dutch General Overkirk

Overhead view of the General Overkirk command stand

Overhead angled shot of Dutch General Overkirk
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6 Responses to The Age of Marlborough.

  1. Phil Vernon says:

    Nice to see my former Marlburian command bases getting some much needed publicity.

    The ‘British Commander’ and ‘Overkirk’ were painted by a young man from Bawtry who used to go under the name ‘Red Triangle’. Not inexpensive but extremely nice. Most of the figures are Foundry with some heavily converted.

    Good to see my old figures will be campaigning on.


  2. Ray Rousell says:

    Nice figures, I likw the captured French flag idea.

    • admin says:


      I can just imagine the scene, “Sir, Sir, look what I’ve found!” Seriously though, we have a lot more of these kind of command bases, some of which have six or more figures on. I’ll get some more in the gallery.

      Thanks for the comment.

  3. Neil Sheardown says:

    Hi mark, some of the castings are old stratagem figures. Don’t think they are availabe anymore. They were the first castings i ever painted for the WHC. I am still negotiating a 48 hr pass with the boss for blenhiem. Are there still places left?

    • admin says:


      Thank you very much for the update, I would be delighted to see you at the Blenheim weekend, you are pencilled in at the mo’ until I get a definite reservation that will remain the way. I’ll e-mail you soon with more details.

      Thanks for the comment,


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