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Battle of Blenheim “Black Powder using Supplements” 9-11th August 2019

A chance to re-fight one of Marlborough’s greatest victories.  Can you thwart the Franco-Bavarian Army, or lead them to Victory.

A game based on Black Powder, using a very thematic supplement, lending a lot to the feel for the period. Continue reading

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The Defence of Paris 1814 “In the Grand Manner” 12-14th July 2019

Despite a series of startling and heroic victories, the Grande Armee were gradually forced back by overwhelming Allied forces converging on PARIS. In desperation, Napoleon struck Eastwards, aiming at the Allied communications and hoping to distract them into retiring. Partly due to captured dispatches, the bluff failed and the two main Allied armies moved inexorably towards the French capital. Continue reading

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Aspern- Essling 1809 Napoleonic “In the Grand Manner” 7-9th June 2019

Archduke Charles’s finest hour, can you repeat the efforts of the Archduke or will you win through with arguably some of the finest French Troops of the period.  A beautiful battle with some of the finest terrain.  Come on treat yourself. Continue reading

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WWII Eastern Front. Chain of Command campaign weekend. 17-19th May 2019

The second of our Chain of Command mini campaign weekends.  »

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ACW Battle of 1st Bull Run 1861 using Glory Hallelujah Supplement. 12-14 April 2019

Here’s  a chance to re-fight the first real engagement of »

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