Pic of the Day 28-07-11

Well here’s the latest piccies from the Marengo game.

Crossing the Fontanone

The French counter attack across the Fontanone.

The French had the better of the first part of the battle and began a counter attack upon the arrival of Desaix.
The Guard

French Imperial Guard, doubling up as their predecessors.

These Guard are from the Bicorne Miniatures range. Painted and based by Doug Mason, he painted the flags by hand as well. A really fantastic regiment.

French Hussars crossing the Fontanone by Marengo

French Hussars crossing the bridge by Marengo village.

These beauties are from the Old Glory Limited edition set, they were released around 18-20 years ago and as it said, were limited. To my knowledge they also released Chasseur et Cheval, French and Austrian line. They came with seperate heads for variety and a unique posing capability at the time. These were painted by Doug as well. They need some pinning as the tet of time hasn’t been kind, but once that’s done, all good to go.

Well until tomorrow.

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  1. Ged says:

    Try to get “Pewter” swords from elsewhere. Pinning could be “dire” as I found these figs are very difficult to work with a soldering iron. Drilling & gluing may be better if its possible

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