Pic of the Day 27-09-11

The fighting in and around Gerona was desperate, the ranks of the Catalonian army were swollen by angry townsfolk!

Spanish Militia

Spanish Guerillas from the collection of Philip Marshall.

These are some of the figures from the Front Rank stable, the variety of pose along with the sheer ease of painting these figures makes them a real must for all Napoleonic gamers. Most of our Spanish army is from the Front Rank Miniatures range, not to mention the cavalry I presented last week. But could they fight? well you know the score when it comes to nice looking figures….

Foreign Regiments.

Spanish foreign regiments, digging in to defend every last ditch and wall.

More Foreign Regiments

A closer view of these troops.

Following the battle of Gerona, the British army in the south joined forces with the Granadian Junta’s army outside the town of Toledo. Here they met the French Corps of Moncey and Joseph, along with the Spanish Guard.

Naples Dragoon

A Dragoon regiment from the French allies, this one is a Neapolitan Dragoon regiment.

This regiment is from Elite Miniatures French range, however it has been painted as a Neapolitan regiment. This gives a decent variety to the range of figures within the collection and allows the people to utilise some of the fantastic looking uniforms from the period.

The French looked to hold the line on the advancing Anglo Spanish force, while awaiting the arrival of Joseph’s corps from Madrid. once they arrived Joseph’s Guard were thrown straight into the fray!

Chasseurs a Cheval de la Garde

Chasseurs of Joseph’s Spanish Guard, along with Saxon Garde du Corps (this Saxon regiment didn’t fight in Spain, however they are so nice we couldn’t resist using them.

The Anglo Spanish formations lined out and volleyed into the French defenders, driving Moncey’s Corps back upon the advancing Joseph. This wasn’t without cost though! The British Guards lost an entire battalion on dead and wounded! While the French right suffered horribly under the volleys of the British veterans, however the French line was stabilised with the arrival of Joseph’s personal Guard, which then held the line. The British and Spanish retiring from the field in order to find another route to Madrid.
British and French lines

British Lines exchange volleys with their French counterparts..

More tomorrow!

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  1. Ged says:

    On yesterdays piccies, I believe the Horse battery was Saxon, not Italian. Something also happened to the pagination, it went all ‘orrible with all the text “smudged & overlapped”.

    • Mark Freeth says:


      Thanks for that, the confusion was through the use of white and Green jackets! Saxon horse artillery are uniformed much as the Chevau Leger so this fits, however still not sure about the white jackets! I guess on campaign there’d be some make-do items of clothing! I’ll take a look at the text, looked okay in the preview!

      Thanks again,


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