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The closing stages of the battle of Cuidad Rodrigo saw the British attempting to give ground against the French, outnumbered three to two the object of delivering a blow to the French numbers and the morale of the army was done! Now to extricate themselves from the fray!! They managed to exercise a rearguard manoeuvre which saved the day and retreated upon Almeida, collecting the two divisions outside Cuidad Rodrigo en route.

The right of the British Line

The right of the British line at Cuidad Rodrigo, this was holding well until the French Light Cavalry began outflanking them.

The Peninsular Week proved to be a tough one for the Spanish, with two of the three Northern territories beginning to flag under the pressure of Ney and Soult’s Corps. The only Junta willing to put up a fight was the man leading the Catalonians. After the Battle of Gerona, Victor paused to rest his troops. The Catalonians rallied and came back south to take them on again! Another epic fight was in the making.

Spanish Heavies

More of the Spanish heavies by Bill Gaskin, these are very nice looking troops and they performed reasonably well to boot!

Victors forces issued forth from Gerona and looked to meet the Spanish in the dense rocky terrain of north east Spain.

Moving through the Rocky terrain

French Line troops moving through the ravines and rocks of the roads north of Gerona.

The fight was short and sharp, the French out manoeuvred the defensive Spanish, looking to get around behind the deployed lines. At one point a squadron of Chasseurs a Cheval got on to the road outside Gerona itself, only to be decimated by the fire of some Spanish artillery at long range!

German Horse Artillery

Saxon horse artillery, these harried the Spanish mercilessly.

The hand to hand fighting was vicious with the Spanish again breaking and falling back North.
Grenadiers and line

Some of the Spanish from the Wargames Holiday Centre collection, the skirmishers are from the Front rank collection and show some nice Guerilla figures.

The Spanish were now effectively out of the fight in Northern Spain, it was up to Wellesley and the Junta armies of southern Spain.

On to Madrid!!

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