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Well the Peninsular campaign week came to an end yesterday with two historical battles being fought over no less than two times each! The initial moves on the map saw the French come out of the starting blocks very aggressively. The Spanish armies in the North taking the brunt of the assault first.

Spanish Heavy Cavalry

Spanish Heavy Cavalry from the collection of Philip Marshall.

The initial skirmishes were fought off the table, awaiting a significant battle. Well we didn’t have to wait long. The first actions were at Gerona and Cuidad Rodrigo. The British army under Sir John Moore attacked the French just north east of Cuidad Rodrigo, while the army of Catalonia engaged Marshal Victors corps at Gerona.

The Battle of Toledo

The forces are deployed for the Battle of Cuidad Rodrigo

Some of the beauty of the Wargames Holiday Centre is the size of the playing area, as I had two seperate battles needing to be fought at once, I seperated the tables into two distinct battlefields and divided the players.

Front Rank

Spanish Artillery deploy for action, these are some of the fine designs from Front Rank miniatures.

On one hand the Battle of Gerona and the other with the Battle of Cuidad Rodrigo, the British had pinned the French within the fortress and pushed on toward Salamanca, after a while the French moved north west to cut their lines od communication, forcing the British to fall back toward Cuidad Rodrigo.

French troops Manoeuvring into position.

The French begin deployment for the battle of Cuidad Rodrigo.

The British army under Moore was looking for support from the SPanish Junta in the region, but they had not appeared, the French however had managed to get two of their Corps under St. Cyr and Lefebvre into position, so the scene was set for a real dust up!

Meanwhile up to the North West the army of Catalonia had attempted to cut supply lines from Perpignon, the force of Marshal Victor moved on Barcelona and drove the garrisoning division north toward Gerona. The Catalonian were coming back south and the two met just south of Gerona


The table for Gerona fully deployed out for the battle from the French side.

On the French side at Gerona there were 30+ battalions of infantry, eight regiments of cavalry and six batteries of artillery.


The table for Gerona fully deployed out for the battle from the Spanish side.

On the Spanish side there were 40+ battalions of infantry, four batteries of artillery and eight regiments of Cavalry.

More tomorrow

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