Pic of the Day 18-07-11

The battle of Marango has been fought, with neither side conceding one inch of ground.

The arrival of the Consular Guard, he;ped turn the tide.

Imperial Guard as Consular.

These Grenadiers a Pied are also taking the part of the Consular Guard for the Marengo re-play.

These lovely figures are from the Bicorne Miniatures range of figures. Painted amd pinned by Doug Mason. They’re a very nice addition to the French army at Marengo.

Oh alright I know they are not Consular Guard, but you would never know apart from the flag, right? We don’t have many units that woud suit the 1800 battle to be fair, but it’s more about the differing style of warfare for the early Napoleonic War that is of key interest really.

More tomorrow.

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