Pic of the Day 12-10-11 New calendar for next year.

The new calendar is here on the website, I have more weekends to choose from and a lot more week activities. WWII is new on the list with the campaign week of Sicily 1943 offered.


A brief respite during one of our WWII engagements earlier this year.

Napoleonic is still a the most popular period with the majority of time dedicated to this time in history.

French attack columns

French attack columns, Elite Miniatures at their best here. The flags are GMB designs.

ACW has more weekends, Antietam and Chickamauga added to the list of favourites.

Confederate troops

Confederate infantry defending a cornfield in one of our re-fights this year.

Marlburian weekends are there too, with all the old favourites carried forward from this year.

French troops

Taken at the recent Blenheim weekend, the figures are a mix of foundry and Strategem.

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