Pic of the Day 12-08-11

Last pictures before the open weekend. The weekend has display games of Waterloo, D-Day and an ACW battle from the Wilderness campaign.

Another view of Blenheim

Another look at Blenheim from earlier this year at the Wargames Holiday Centre.

Just until I get photoshop installed again, here ae a few more photos from earlier this year, these are Armoured infantry from the WWII collection.

Platoon of Gepanzerte

Gepanzerte from our late war collection.

The fighting from one of our ACW games

Fighting from one of our ACW battles.

I am on holiday for a ouple of weeks now, so the intention is to return on 29th August after the Aspern Essling weekend. There will be a video update for the battle and I will also be running features on the new figures which Doug Mason has recently provided to the WHC and a look at TQD Castings in our recent Arnhem game.

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