Pic of the Day 01-08-11

Well here’s the last of the Napoleonic pics for a week or so, Arnhem in 20mm is in the workshop awaiting photos.

Prussians at Wavre

Here are some ol’ style Landwehr from Connoisseur and Hinchliffe, good stuff waiting to get stuck in.

These are the Prussians manoeuvreing at the battle of Ligny, the Prussians were given a morale of 2 for the Landwehr, while maintaining the militla status for firing and melee.

Combined grenadier battalion.

Here’s one of our Combined Grenadier battalions, these are available to represent some of the formations where the French combined their Grenadiers for the campaign.

These chaps are from the Connoisseur range. I am not sure of the Command base, this sould be a combination and has been converted a bit.

More tomorrow, although we’re switching to WWII for a bit.

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