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If you were looking for the most amazing wargaming experience you’ll ever have, this is it! You’ll have the chance to re-fight Waterloo, Borodino, Shiloh or Kursk, the way you want to, this is the site for you... but you will need to book early. We only have limited spaces and they go fast...
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We’ve plenty going on, take a look and get involved we will answer your questions and encourage your comments. Don’t forget if you have an idea for a special event for you and your friends, we can arrange it!

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The Defence of Paris 1814 “In the Grand Manner” 12-14th July 2019

Despite a series of startling and heroic victories, the Grande »

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Battle of Gorelitz 1813 “Whatif battle” using ItGM rules. 14-16th June 2019

It’s 1813, Napoleon has consolidated his supplies in the German »

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Aspern- Essling 1809 Napoleonic “In the Grand Manner” 7-9th June 2019

Archduke Charles’s finest hour, can you repeat the efforts of »

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WWII Eastern Front. Chain of Command campaign weekend. 17-19th May 2019

The second of our Chain of Command mini campaign weekends.  »

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Into the Sudan a campaign weekend. 10-12th May 2019. “Sands of the Sudan”


Here is an opportunity to command the Imperial relief columns, »

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ACW Battle of 1st Bull Run 1861 using Glory Hallelujah Supplement. 12-14 April 2019

Here’s  a chance to re-fight the first real engagement of »

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Donald Featherstone Tribute Weekend 2019 Mar. 22nd to 24th. 2019

This year sees yet another of our now very popular »

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WWII Eastern Front ’43. Rapid Fire WHC variant. Mar. 1st to 3rd inc.

The game will be an Eastern Front one circa 1943.  »

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Chain of Command Campaign weekend February 8th to 10th Feb. 2019 inc.

  Here is another chance to take part in one »

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Chain of Command Campaign weekend 10th to 12th Aug. 2018


The first run of this Campaign was so popular we »

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