New Russian and Prussian Commanders

I decided to get some better images of the lovely Command stands kindly done for the Wargames Holiday Centre by Mr Dean Whitehouse. I took the last lot while the Spremberg game was underway and they just didn’t do them justice! Some were quite blurred!

I took a couple of photos of this fella, sadly this is the only decent one that came out.

Brian if you’re watching I would appreciate another go at this chap, he is a great mini diorama.

Here is another shot of one of Deans command stands in action, this time playing as commander of the Russian Cavalry at Borodino.

Prince Galitzin.

So here goes with some better ones I hope.

I will be adding more soon.

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4 Responses to New Russian and Prussian Commanders

  1. Good to see a few new posts – thanks. I visit here a lot and often sift through old posts.

    If you have any influence at all please try to persuade itinerant and garage gamer to post again.

    Best wishes


  2. Brian Southwell says:

    At least you are occasionally posting on facebook – simpler & quicker to upload – and just as easy for us to see more pics!

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