More New Characters for the Wargames Holiday Centre.

One of the Gentlemen that came along for the Spremberg weekend brought some new Generals for us. Dean Whitehouse has been painting figures longer than he cares to remember, he says. The worrying thing is that he only looks thirty!

A Nice Perry Miniature conversion, from their Austrian Command range.

Lovely models, all of them.


We also had a few Austrian Commanders join the ranks, courtesy of Reinforcements by Post and Lee Sharpe.

A front Rank miniatures commander and an Elite Miniatures Colonel

The one on the right is a Front Rank Commander while the Grenadier is an Elite Miniature.

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2 Responses to More New Characters for the Wargames Holiday Centre.

  1. Brian Southwell says:

    Superb additions…. But are they LUCKY Generals…???/

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