Deutsche Schwere Panzer

Okay, so there wasn’t enough of the Tigers in my last post, so I thought I’d let you see just one of our Tiger II’s. We have ten of these little babies. Ready for the Battle of the Bulge….once our Americans are done.

Tiger II

Tiger II side view

The intention is to provide some late war events in our 2012 calendar where these will see more action.

Tiger II closeup of the front of the turret.

Tiger II front view of the tank commander

Tiger II turret view with commander.

Tiger II side view of the turret with the tank commander

A view of the Tiger II from further back.

A better view of the turret with the crew

The turret from the reverse.

The reverse angle on the Turret of the Tiger II

I have posted more images of these and other German armour on to the blog section.

I hope you enjoy them.

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