Confederate Generals

Well there has been another influx of superb American civil War Generals from the talented brush of Mr David Balfour. These are a mix of figures from various manufacturers, I am hoping David will comment to fill in the gaps for us.

Nathan Bedford Forrest charging to the fore.

The Bedford-Forrest figure is actually the Salute 2011 complimentary figure if I remember correctly..all looking to grace the table for the up and coming anniversary refight of Gettysburg here at the WHC.

Tremendous, many thanks David.

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One Response to Confederate Generals

  1. David Balfour says:

    Hi Mark,

    I am very impressed with the photos.

    The figure with Nathan Bedford Forrest is from Foundry all of the other figures are Redoubt Enterprises with lots of head swaps.

    We had a fantastic weekend once again and I will be in touch soon to talk to you about next year.

    With thanks and very best regards


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