Battles of Ancient Rome weekend.

Wargames Holiday Centre – Rome at War Weekend THE SECOND WEEKEND FOR THIS WONDERFUL PERIOD.

Here at the Wargames Holiday Centre we like to put historical epics and this time we have come up wth a real treat for all you Ancients lovers out there. We have teamed up with Simon Miller of “BigRedBat Blog” fame to present a fantastic weekend of Iconic battles or Rome.

Simon Miller has one of the UK’s largest collections of 28mm ancients miniatures. He has tied up with the Wargames Holiday Centre to present a weekend of ancient gaming, on the theme of “Rome at War”.

The rules used will be Simon’s “To the Strongest!”, copies of which will be provided in advance but which can be quickly picked up on the day. The rules retain all the flavour of ancient warfare, and enable very large battles to be fought, at an exciting fast pace.

The four games have been picked to represent the diverse nature of the challenges faced by the Roman army during the Empire. All of the players will be able to play each of the four games at least once, over the weekend.

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