Battle of Wagram Pic of the Day 17-10-11

The Battle of Wagram took place over the last weekend. Eight players took part, four a side, loads of Austrians and loads of French all you need for a right ol’ duff up!

The Grenadiers near the Russbach.

Once the sides had been chosen the French and Austrians set about their master plan to thwart the other. Over on the French right the Russbach Stream which dissects at least half the battlefield in an L shape was a lot closer to the French deployment, so the French deployed the Army of Italy under Eugene down here, more as a holding force, while Davout, Oudinot, Massena and Bernadotte took up the rest of the Line. Bernadotte with his Saxons making the far left of their line.

Column of March

Austrian Grenadiers advancing in column of March to the Russbach, visibility was low here, so the forces were free to manoeuvre in this formation until clear of the woods lining the stream.

On the Austrian side the Army Reserve under Hessen-Homburg was on the far left opposite Eugene’s force. Rosenberg, Nordmann, Hohenzollern, and Bellegarde forming the line with Nordmann on their extreme right.

During the battle the Austrians have the option to bring two corps under Kollowrath and Klenau on to the flank of the French army, cutting in as far south as the Danube if they wish. The further south means a greater delay on their arrival.

The first turns are always done on our unique tile system, essentially these are colour backed blocks 6mm thick on which up to two battalions of infantry and 12 skirmishers can be written or one battery of artillery or from one squadron up to a whole regiment of cavalry. This allows some fog of war initially, allowing reserves and the like to remain somewhat elusive to the opposing generals. Once the tile becomes visible the figures are put on to the table and can be subjected to attack.

The first real surprise of the weekend happened on the Austrian left, the Russbach is bordered by woodland making visibility very limited for both sides, so you can imagine the surprise of the Army of Italy when he realised that the red tiles in front of him. of which there were a lot transformed into the Reserve Corps, ten battalions of Austrian Grenadiers, regiments of Cuirassier and Uhlan all moving headlong for the stream!

Seems quiet

The calm before the storm at the Russbach, the red tiles hiding the true nature of the enemy are just out of camera shot.

The French immediately fell back on the villages of Leopoldsdorf and Gunzendorf along the south bank of the Russbach. The Austrians did’t pause they moved through the woods and into the Russbach, they were coming across in force! To the right of the Reserve was Rosenberg with the huge 48 man battalions all forging their way through the stream.

Approaching the Russbach

The Army of Italy approaches the Russbach, unaware of what approaches them the other side of the woods and stream.

In the centre Hohenzollern looked out to Oudinot’s force wiating and watching each other Oudinot advanced cautiously to the stream, this being a little more open than the eastern part of the Russbach.

Massena's Corps

The French under Massena move off to engage Aderklaa, which can just be made out in the distance.

Aderklaa was assaulted by Massena, the Austrians rushing to occupy the large village, while on the right the first corps of reserves under Kollowrath began to arrive just behind the front line of the Avant Garde.

Austrian Line

The Austrians of the Avant Garde, prepare to defend the right of the Austrian line.

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  1. Chris Cornwell says:

    What a great weekend!..Met some terrific new people, all of whom seemed to really enjoy the game….thanks to everyone

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