American Civil War at the Wargames Holiday Centre.

At the end of June we have the anniversary of Gettysburg, so in order to present something of a build up for this I present some of the images of the games over the last few years.

Taken during our Chancellorsville game.

Some very nice looking Zouaves.

These were converted and painted by Doug Mason. Doug is still churning out the figures so give him a call if you want an especially nice looking “unique” unit to add to your army, he’s well worth it!

You’ll notice no doubt that we use a lot of templates on our tables. These are all made from roofing felt and denote the area of the wood. Whenever you look into the interior of a wood the canopy creates a dark carpet generally, this then leaves no argument as to whether a unit is in the cover or out of it!

General Jackson arrives in the rear of the Union army!

This was taken from one of our Gettysburg games.

The rules we use are a mix of the Fire and Fury Regimental and Brigade, the battles are fought using the Brigade manoeuvre and the weapons and ranges are all from the regimental set. This allows us to play the BIG games with the full order of battle while retaining individual realism using the specific weapons.

Hope you liked it…..

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