Dave Docherty has recently come back into the fold of historical Wargaming, he has taken his time and come back with something of a bang. To start with he painted a French Cavalry commander of heavy cavalry, suitably pinned and converted, this was a welcome addition to the Wargames Holiday Centre. Next came an entire Austrian Grenadier division and a single British Commander. You will have seen all these recently here in the Pic of the Day.

The latest addition though deserves a special review. Dave started with some Front Rank figures from his own collection (these figures are over ten years old). He started with coverting these, replacing officers hands and weapons along with the sergeants spontoons. The Flags are GMB flags and the rest is all Daves!!

Here are a few shots of them.

Behind the Garden wall.

Close up

Behind the Garden wall a close up.

Overhead from another angle

A view from above.

overhead shot

A close up from above.

They are exceptionally nice and I was lucky enough to get them in use defending Hougomont recently.

The final piece is another Front Rank offering which Dave has converted, again the weapons have been replaced, Dave making the rockets himself and the launcher.


A front view of the Rocket troop.

Right Side

A side view of the Rocket troop.

Left side

A left side view of the Rocket troop.

Brilliant, thank you very much Dave.