Sadly, on Friday the 4th February at approximately 10:45 Mike Ingham finally succumbed to a lengthy period of illness. Those that knew him will not be surprised to know that he fought it with great strength of character and his usual degree of frankness and logic. I never knew of anything that would phase Mike and this was certainly no exception.

Mike has been my friend for twenty four years, something I can say with a certain amount of pride. All those years ago a close friendship was started between Paul Williamson, Mike and myself and together we had a number of terrific adventures.

Offering a ruling!

Taken in September 2008, here’s Mike offering a ruling in the old Wargames Holiday centre (and enjoying a bun!)

We shared a love for a number of things, wargaming, sport, his wife Margaret’s cakes and historical touring holidays.
Most of the wargaming laughs were had at the Wargames Holiday Centre in Folkton where Mike lived these last twenty plus years. It was not unusual for Mike to win his wargames, so after being drubbed in the game before, Paul and I contrived to win at all costs.

We were re-enacting the battle of Lutzen and as usual we were having a tough time in getting the upper hand over him. Mike had got the infamous Old Guard divisions on to the table for the French and they were on their way to duff us up! It was at this point that I noticed that we still had a tile on the table, neatly tucked between two units that had been placed on the table. Our reasoning was that Mike had not asked to see the tile, or know it’s content and it was only a full regiment of Russian Guard Cuirassier on it. Well Mike had the Old Guard rolling forward across the plateau at Lutzen sweeping all before them, I seem to remember there were something like eight battalions of them. After much manoeuvring on our part we had weedled the tile on to the ridge just below the crest of the plateau and popped it up in front of Mikes Old Guard, Paul and I were grinning like kids when Mike said “oh, what’s that?” “oh it’s just some cavalry”, Paul said. Well, Mike’s face was an absolute picture when we started putting the figures on.

We jokingly read aloud the score we needed for our Guard Cuirassier to break an infantry formation of four ranks deep. Still grinning like big kids we began to pull the figures back a bit, as we thought it too cheap a trick to pull. As was always my experience of Mike, he stopped us and said we need not be generous, he should have asked to see what was on the tile, as per the rules in the book. Needless to say we broke through his Guard and while we celebrated, high fiving and jumping up and down. Mike managed to hold it together and continue to win the game.

Mike always liked to win, so to ensure this he would study hard all the factors in the game and apply his usual logic. That said he still lost, albeit occasionally, but in losing he was the most gracious of losers, generally laughing at his misfortune.

It is because of Mike that I have brought the Wargames Holiday Centre to the south of the country and it’s because of him, I want it to succeed. I want him to be proud of what we’re doing and I will do everything I can to emulate him and his management of the Wargames Holiday Centre.

The first weekend begins on the 11th February with the Battle of Waterloo, this weekend will be dedicated to my friend and business partner. I love him and will never ever forget him.

There will be a service at
15:00 on Monday 14th February 2011.
East Riding Crematorium Ltd
Octon Cross Rd,
North Humberside,
YO25 3BL

Margaret has asked that to observe Mikes wishes that there be no flowers, should any of you wish to, please make a donation to

The combined gastro-enterology research fund.

Through Funeral directors

B.Bernard & Sons
1-5 Prospect Rd.
N. Yorkshire
YO12 7JP