A beginners guide to the W.H.C.

It’s all very well posting things about WWII, Napoleonics, ACW and Marlburian! It’s fine to tell us where it is and how much it will cost! Someone has asked “What about if I have never been before, what can I expect?”

Well that’s a good question, it starts with you deciding which events you want to attend. Then you can either call us or e-mail us to reserve your booking. Send a deposit for 20% of the event cost then await the date of the game.

There's not much room in the house!

British Infantry occupy a building while the tanks move up to support

The itinerary for an event will be to turn up at the Wargames Holiday Centre at around 14:00, there you can take in the enormity of the battlefield and the troops available. Once everyone has turned up there will be a choosing of sides, deciding which troops you would like to control for the battle. Then it’s on to writing your force on to tiles. This means putting up to two battalions onto a tile with up to twelve skirmishers, two to six squadrons of cavalry, these are in their regiments or one battery of artillery. The umpire explains any special rules for the particular battle and outlines the deployment boundaries to the respective sides. Everyone then gets in to their respective groups, pores over the map and decides what division is going where! The overall battle plan is then agreed and you deploy the tiles on to their respective positions.
You will command the division or Corps that has been assigned to you, sometimes this can be more than one, it all depends on the number of players and the amount of figures. Whatever the case you’ll certainly have far more figures to command than you have ever done before.

Portuguese line out to hold the crossing.

Portuguese Infantry line out to hold the crossing. You can see the use of Tiles here, in the distance. As they are out of range.

Once all tiles are on the table top, the first move is undertaken, then any figures that are visible are placed on the table, within 54” and line of sight. All the firing is done and casualties recorded.

After this it’s off to the George & Horn Pub to book in for your bedrooms and breakfast. An evening of military history and tactics will follow, regaling your colleagues of what you have done in past events or listening to others relay theirs.

In the morning after your breakfast, turn up at the centre for a 09:30 start. Again, starting where you left off the night before, there will be tea, coffee and soft drinks available throughout the day. There will be elevenses of cake or biscuits, then lunch at around 13:00 comprising of filled rolls, there will also be fresh fruit available. After lunch it’s back to the game, again there will be refreshments available to you throughout the afternoon. Then around 18:00 we will stop and it’s back to the Pub for the evening. It’s worth noting that there are several decent pubs in Kingsclere and quite a few great places to eat, so there is always plenty to choose from. You can have fast food, pub grub, or go up market in some of the more swish restaurants. There is even an American diner, which I understand is very good.

Two Battalions force over the River crossing.

British Infantry force the river crossing!

After a good nights rest, it’s breakfast in the Pub then back to the Centre. We generally finish the turn at a convenient point the night before, so we can pick straight up again the next day. On the Sunday, there will be a general update on the position regarding the battle. Then each side gets 5 minutes to review the battle and discuss any tactics they want to employ. It’s then on to the rest of the battle. We provide elevenses again, there’s refreshments available throughout the day, with lunch again at about 13:00 comprising of sandwiches or filled rolls. The rest of the afternoon comprises the final action. At around 16:00 there is a winding up and clearing of the table with a final summary and awarding of Marshals batons!

Finally, we say our goodbyes and wish you all the best for your journey home around 17:30

I’ll let you know what the Week entails in a later post.

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