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Battle of Blenheim “Black Powder using Supplements” 9-11th August 2019

A chance to re-fight one of Marlborough’s greatest victories.  Can »

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Napoleonic Mega Weekend (Waterloo and Plancenoit) “In the Grand Manner” 31 July – 4th August inc.

A mega weekend of two games, One being the battle »

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The Defence of Paris 1814 “In the Grand Manner” 12-14th July 2019

Despite a series of startling and heroic victories, the Grande »

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Battle of Gorelitz 1813 “Whatif battle” using ItGM rules. 14-16th June 2019

It’s 1813, Napoleon has consolidated his supplies in the German »

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Aspern- Essling 1809 Napoleonic “In the Grand Manner” 7-9th June 2019

Archduke Charles’s finest hour, can you repeat the efforts of »

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WWII Eastern Front. Chain of Command campaign weekend. 17-19th May 2019

The second of our Chain of Command mini campaign weekends.  »

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Into the Sudan a campaign weekend. 10-12th May 2019. “Sands of the Sudan”


Here is an opportunity to command the Imperial relief columns, »

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ACW Battle of 1st Bull Run 1861 using Glory Hallelujah Supplement. 12-14 April 2019

Here’s  a chance to re-fight the first real engagement of »

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