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Gettysburg 1863, re-fought 2011

Sedgewick on the Ridge

I think I need to offer a measure of explanation in this Battle Report. Those of you that have played at the Wargames Holiday Centre will already be familiar with the methods we use. Continue reading

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A Re-vamped Waterloo

The French assault

The New Waterloo was played out last weekend at the Wargames Holiday Centre, as always the protagonists turned up for the game late Friday afternoon. Continue reading

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Additions for the re-vamped Waterloo Game

Dave Docherty has recently come back into the fold of historical Wargaming, he has taken his time and come back with something of a bang. Continue reading

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Fuentes D’Onoro 1811, refought 06-05-11 to 08-05-11.

Kings German Legion Move out to engage the French Cavalry

This weekend was to be our second foray into the Spanish peninsular! The French and the Allies were decided, the tactics discussed and the tiles laid out! Continue reading

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Battle of Blenheim

The view of the field from the river Danube

The Battle of Blenheim was our first Marlburian re-play at the Wargames Holiday Centre. I was quite excited at the prospect. Continue reading

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