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The Battle of Salamanca day 2 of the weekend

Spanish Battalion

Well the second day of Salamanca has concluded with a very grisly and bloody draw! Over to the far west of the Allied line the French Light cavalry division managed a sweeping outflank manoeuvre, Continue reading

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Salamanca 25th March 2011

Guards at the Apex

So the first day at Salamanca has been a success for the British, the French began their day historically with three divisions strung out on front of the ridge to the east of the Lesser Arapile. Continue reading

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More to it for 1940.

Let's get outta here, Schnell!

Play testing the Flames of War proved to be a breeze, we made some amendments along the way. We decided that the aircraft needed a little something Continue reading

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France 1940, a test of faith

German infantry taking cover to support bailed out PZ IV

I have just got back from the Wargames Holiday Centres play test for our WWII collection. We have a weekend for France 1940 coming up in June and needed to get to grips with our spin on the Flames of War rules. Continue reading

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The Marlborough Period

The Battlefield of Blenheim

Recently at the Wargames Holiday Centre we’ve been working on »

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